Millennium and Wrought Iron Door Refurbishment

Protect Your Investment

Don't settle for normal wear and tear on your luxury doors. Durango Doors of Houston can refurbish and re-install any type of modern doors no matter the condition. We will restore and make new any damaged or rusted door through many different services.

You can get:

Doors Repainted
Hinges Readjusted
Rust Removal
Crack Sealing or Sealcoating

Sun exposure and moisture can be a wrought iron door's worst enemy. To preserve your investment we take great pride in providing full factory refurbishment of your doors in any condition. Even if you didn't originally purchase the doors from us, we've got you you covered!

Contact us today to learn more about the modern door refurbishment available throughout Houston, TX.

When it's time to professionally refurbish

When it's time to professionally refurbish

There are many signs that it may time to service or professionally refurbish your Durango Door

One of the most telltale signs that your door is ready for a refurbishment are a series of the following:

  • Noticeable sun damage or sun spots
  • Spots of rusting around darker more moisture prone areas
  • Creaking sound or other sounds coming from door chalice or hinge area
  • General wanting to increase resale or curb appeal value by a full refurbishment

  • Our doors are built to last a lifetime however it's important to keep them looking their best when presenting to company, friends, or even your business.

    Call one of our specialized door refurbishment professionals to schedule your on site door refurbishment service in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.